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    We just ordered your book and are excited to read it! My 15 year old daughter is a runner for her school cross country team. A few weeks ago she started complaining of ankle/calf pain and went from running 6 miles a day to limping around the house and barely able to walk. She was fortunate to have had a bull’s eye on her calf (of course with a negative blood test for Lyme) and she started antibiotics immediately. It has been 14 days since she started antibiotics with slow improvement. She is now able to walk however running is still painful. I’m curious to know if you ran with any joint/muscle pain symptoms and was there anything that helped you relieve these symptoms? She is very anxious to get back to running with her team. Thank you.

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    Perry Fields

    First things first, she shouldn’t think about running until symptoms have cleared. More than likely this is NOT the first bite for her, but perhaps a real doozie of an infection from this recent bite. I wouldn’t worry so much about the Lyme test. If she has one or two bands, she probably has it. Getting on abx quickly was a good call, but with 14 days now on abx, it’s time to realize that this is not an acute infection, but a chronic issue. I’m not pro-long term abx use. I never have and never will be. More than likely there are things that your daughter can do to have relief.

    If she is a runner, she must take her health seriously. I didn’t. I wrote about it in the book. Diet (especially that of high schoolers) is pretty rotten. I would have her read my book, not just you, so she can understand that while she can move on from this, it’s important to start creating healthy habits NOW, not later.

    It’s not just about her running career, it’s about how well she can live a normal life after being sick like this. It’s obviously possible to move on without ever getting sick again (like me), BUT, healthy stuff at home is the foundation.

    If she needs more help than what her docs are providing, I highly recommend that recovery plan I have. I would go through the entire thing with her. She will get healthy. \

    All my best, Perry

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    tess burton

    i have had major issues with severe muscle cramping, spasm and weird sensations mostly occurring in my lower extremities. it is my understanding that it is a combination of neurological involvement and magnesium deficiency. i have read in many paces that those with lyme often have insufficient magnisium metabolism/absorbtion and need to supplement with high dose quality supplement.
    i give myself mag injections when it’s at its worst and use ancient minerals topical spray. i have found this helpful.
    drinking alchohol is a precurser to a sudden increase in these symptoms which supports this theory as alchohol really zaps magnesium quickly. also rec strong epsom salts soak in the tub with some bicarb.
    tess /asheville nc

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    Perry Fields

    Yes, I totally agree with the magnesium issue. Electrolytes balancing and Magnesium supplementing is something all runners need in general and most people who are sick need it. There is probably not enough doctors even talking about this and yet it’s just such a simple fix for many symptoms. The mag products are here: http://thetickslayer.com/products/magnesium-products/

    Tess, do you like the oil or lotion best? I personally like the oil, not sure why though. The flakes are handy as well, but you do get some nice minerals from regular ol’ epsom salts.

    About the topical mag- it will make you itch if you are deficient in Mag!

    Another way to get in ORAL MAG is the CALM drink you can get in health food stores.

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