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    I have dabbled in essential oils and am intrigued by Thieves-like formulas and oils like Oregano, Clove, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Thyme, etc. There are numerous claims Essential Oils pass through into the brain on Essential Oil-promoting websites. If consumed orally (or topically), is there any hard scientific research that shows that these molecules pass through the blood-brain barrier, for example, detection in the cerebro-spinal fluid or brain tissue. We know that the olfactory nerves get excited by them and pass all sorts of signals to the limbic brain, but do the actual molecules pass through either scent-wise or via the blood? I would doubt that molecules can enter the brain through the nose because our brains would be filled with environmental sludge if they did.

    If anyone has any insight (and citations) onto this important question it would be greatly appreciated, especially since I have been dogged by neuro-lyme for many years. I would love to know if these wonderful antibiotic oils will work wonders in the brain, too.


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    Perry Fields

    Hi J,

    Those are very good questions!

    In the book, The Tick Slayer, I talk very briefly about a Russian doc who treats people in Florida with essential oils (rose oil being her fav) and her therpay is called AEROPHYTO Therapy…meaning you inhale them in high doses. Her research concluded that just breathing them in, allows them to get everywhere, including past the blood-brain barrier. I remember my brain tingling after sessions, but of course at that time, I was trying to make sense out of it.

    We know that minerals pass through the blood-brain barrier, so why wouldn’t oils? Even if they didn’t (let’s just suppose here for a second), you would still reap the benefits of this cascading affect that you speak of….the signals that get passed around.

    I know SOLE (on this website) is amazing at being an anti-bacterial agent. Why? Well, it’s salt water, so again, it’s back to the minerals.

    Then you must understand the information that comes with plant stem cells/oils. It’s the information. These oils carry information that tells a plant how to survive infection…Perhaps it’s just information intended for the plant, but we know that we as humans (who eat plants) can use that very same information….probably because we were made to eat plants. So divine work comes into play here.

    I put extra information about specific conditions on my oils, sole, anything on this website actually. I know that they can test completely different on someone who has the same brand or supplement, but once it’s given more information, someone who tested so-so, immediately tests STRONG.

    I would go to that blog post (which was the old newsletter), look at the tips about using the oils with the enzymes and I would start real slow and build up. You also need to make sure you clear the bath for die-off. Even if you think you are doing a great job, you probably aren’t.

    My belief is that oils, along with minerals (like NaCL), CAN get into the brain. I hate how drugs are touted like the only means to cross over, it’s just not true. If that were the case, people like me, would not be thriving.

    Best to you J,

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