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    Hi Perry… I’m getting coached by you and doing good. I’m several months into my recovery and many things have cleared up… still working on others. What are your thoughts on bowels and they having horrible odor? I’m eating really well so I’m guess that’s not it… but can’t figure out if the smell is the die-off (which there could be a lot of) since I’m going more head on with the pathogens -OR- the onions/garlic -OR- the many supplements I’m taking -OR- who knows! It is not an ammonia smell as it was at the very beginning of treatment but a “lagoon stench smell. Sorry to be so graphic but we’re talking about the body so I thought he more descriptive the better. Any thoughts? Thanks for everything you do, SB

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    Perry Fields


    It could be microbes. It could be your diet. I know for sure if you eat greasy foods, you can have this problem. This probably isn’t your issue because if you have gotten coached then I’m sure you’re not eating that kind of stuff. That would be naughty.

    It’s hard to say if it’s just microbes down there and creating die-off from your treatments. The microbes could be Lyme, although more than likely I’m sure it’s more related to food-poisoning from a historical perspective. What you’ve come into contact a long time ago and rear it’s ugly head when your immune system is suppressed. The only way to know if you have a microbe that needs medical attention is to get that gut integrity panel, which can include testing for various pathogens.

    If you aren’t ready to go there yet, the at home treatment would be to 1) eat more ruffage for 1-2 week period (Kale, Unpolished Rice, etc) 2) Add 1 tbsp of physillium husks to water and drink, twice a day 2) Take edible clay for 7-10 days http://thetickslayer.com/products/edible-clay/ to detox GI tract a little better- this stuff gets to pin worms also 3) Do 2-3 ozone enemas each week, along with drinking all your water ozonated http://thetickslayer.com/products/ozone-units/

    After two weeks, see what your progress has been. You should have some good progress with this.

    Also- don’t forget the probiotics. HMOS are best. I would do a few enemas a week with them.

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