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    Folks recovering from Lyme have GI issues and assimilation of foods/supplements/vitamins. Anyone know how to better assimilate things on the road to recovery? I feel my supplements are being better assimilated as I’m getting better but still wondering if there’s anything I can take along with supplements to make sure I “get the most out of them.” Thoughts?

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    Perry Fields

    Hey Jason,

    GI Tract issues need to be worked out at the beginning of ones recovery for many reasons. But to answer quickly the supplement issue- HIGH QUALITY ALOE and ENZYMES. Hands down are the best ways to get your nutrition in, plus they will help rebuild your gut as well. Digestive enzymes are always good when eating, but total enzyme solutions like the metabolic enzymes on this website, can be taken WITH food and WITH supplements. They also can be taken of a empty stomach, but that works more on the blood health aspect. 1 tsp with supplements and 1 tbs with food is ideal. If you have poor blood health, take them also on an empty stomach.

    Aloe is also the major helper here. Both are very different in their properties, so you would have to find out what works best for you. A really high quality aloe is going to help you not only digestive whatever you’re ingesting, but it will profoundly help those with GI health issues of various natures. It will rebuild the intestinal wall and also contains natural enzymes.

    All the best if your recovery!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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