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    Lynn Thumann

    Since April have been seeing Dr. & am on Clindamycin & Qualaquin. (quinine)
    The last 2 wks. have been horrible with neck pain, headaches, feet, leg and joint pain. Am I herxing or getting worse? I have read your book; just do not know what treatment plan to take. Have been on treatment for 2 – 3 yrs. (I lapsed 1 yr.) I cannot afford some of your treatments in your book. What is your best suggestion?

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    Perry Fields

    Hi Lynn,

    Very good questions here. I’m writing fast, so forgive any spelling/grammar mistakes. You are on some pretty hard-core drugs. It may be that your body is not responding well to them. Treatment does not have to be worst than the disease, but often is when you go to a conventional doctor. I understand there is a time and place for everything. Drugs even have their place with me, BUT two weeks is plenty long enough and you are having severe negative symptoms, which means you need to do something different. I was only on drugs for 30 days. I haven’t been on anything in 8 years now. So relapsing and all that means, you really just aren’t out of your recovery and to be honest, it sounds like you are just beginning.

    In chronic states, you need to get clever about how you recover, because like I said in that last newsletter, doctors are trained to treat, not cure. They put you on the only thing they know of ( not all docs, just many of them) and you WILL go back to them over and over and over. If you don’t progress, you must figure out alternative routes.

    There are kitchen treatments that you can do at home, but someone who has a good understanding of what’s normal and what isn’t, should be monitoring your recovery. A ND or a integrative doc are your best bets.

    If you have read my book, you can start looking at The Tick Slayer Plan here: www:thetickslayer.com/plan Pick out what you can and can’t do. I personally would change doctors as well. But that’s just my opinion.

    All the best, Perry

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