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    Does anyone have a good remedy for the nasty adrenaline surges

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    Perry Fields

    Dawn- is an UP and then a DOWN? Is there anything in the book that you would consider being “like” what you’re describing going through? I’m not completely sure if they are really adrenaline based, so I need more information in the description. Thanks

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    Mine seem more intense then what I found in the book. I get this strange feeling in stomach I loose my appetite then get frequent bowel movements and my right hand feels like it fell asleep then I get wired to the point my vision gets blurry and then I feel like my insides are going to burst. I have to take an Ativan which I don’t like taking to calm everything down. After reading your book I started on nattikinase which seems to help a little. I am going through a lot of die off. Thank you for whatever advice you can give.

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    I was told my adrenals are not functioning properly so I thought it might be low cortisol prodcing adrenaline.

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    Someone with lymes gave me some electrolyte mix and after drinking it my body seems to be calming down I think I should order this and the mineral kit do you agree

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    Perry Fields

    Okay non-functioning or low-functioning adrenals make sense.

    I think you get an overwhelming feeling when
    1) you’re emotions are running high- this is not just an emotional thing, but a health-related thing as emotions are tied to gut health and you can literally be suicidal and have these HIGHS and LOWS when your gut health is poor
    2) detoxing problems- if you are doing a lot of things to “kill” Lyme before you teach your body how to detox properly, then you can get an overwhelming feeling from just about everything
    3) Adrenals are the first thing that get busted when you get sick and are the hardest to heal. They heal when everything else is right. So you will need to nurture your adrenals for months PAST the point of being sick.

    Electrolytes are helping a lot because of #2 above. A fine balance actually helps you detox extremely well. So yes, get the electrolyte kit that’s based on your blood pressure here: http://thetickslayer.com/products/vitamins-minerals-electrolytes/

    As far as minerals- they work on everything and all kinds of bodily processes, so it’s hard to say that’s the thing that’s helping you fix this issue…… to be super precise, you can’t be with minerals. They do TO MUCH to keep your body normalized.

    Do I agree on the kits, well if it’s on this website, I’m 1000% for it. I’ve handpicked all this based on helping other and getting myself right. The kits just fix one thing, body chemistry and it’s a pretty BIG THING for people who are sick.

    You may want to consider coaching at some point, otherwise your recovery could be a total crab shoot for you.

    All the best,

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    Realized I am getting hypoglycemia attacks and then the surge so I am going to take chromium picolate and hope it helps. Any suggestions on a supplement to balance the adrenals? How much is private coaching with you?

    Thanks so much Perry

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    Perry Fields

    Hi Dawn,

    I really like licorice paste (extract) as an adrenal booster. You should consider coaching. It sounds like you have numerous issues. Too many people think if you have THIS or THAT problem, you take THIS or THAT.

    Recovery is a real process and there are things that maybe aren’t designed to fix adrenal issues necessarily, BUT by working on all the issues simultaneously in certain steps, the recovery starts to happen. Something you were doing that wasn’t taken or specifically used as a treatment for a certain problem, WILL be a factor in that specific problem getting better. Does that make sense?

    All the coaching information is here: http://thetickslayer.com/coaching/

    PS- As for hypoglycemic issues, you always start with DIET. It will have the most dramatic impact on that specific issue, then you can supplement on top of that or do specific treatments.

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    Funny I purchased licorice root yesterday and it helped a lot. Then you mentioned it here. I was undiagnosed for 10 years and I am 28 months into alternative treatment now, really I have come along way but recently the adrenals went off, as I killed alot of things and the die off was like overload on my system. This is the third time that this has happened, at least now I know what it is.
    Thanks so much

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    I will be signing up for coaching

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