Electrolytes Are Needed

Keep your ELECTROLYTES balanced. EVERYDAY.

It’s freaking hot in Colorado Springs right now. Dry heat. I won’t complain because I am from South Carolina and that place is just hell in the summer.

However, on an excruciating bike climb last week from 6,200 feet to 9,800 feet on loose gravel on a mountain bike (preparing for this enduro mountain bike race), we had a very hard time re-hydrating for many days afterward.

Even though I consumed all kinds of liquids that day (and forgot to take my electrolytes), both my husband and myself were quite ill the next day.

It reminds me to tell you not to forget this FUNDAMENTAL health topic.

If you are trying to kill Lyme and you are 1) not hydrated and 2) don’t have your electrolytes balance, how do you think you’ll get rid of the nasty toxins these bugs leave when you kill them?  Sick building syndrome can occur VERY QUICKLY, so do NOT forget to get this right.

Electrolytes that are balanced allow toxins to move out of the cell and balance the inside and the outside fluid. It’s a critical biological function in a healthy person and perhaps even more critical for those who are toxic.

Two important things to be aware of:

  • Dry heat makes you think you don’t need liquid, don’t be fooled.  It evaporates quickly.
  • You lose moisture every time you open your mouth or blink an eye!
The BEST Electrolytes!

The BEST Electrolytes!


Get the Replete NANO electrolytes and add them to your beverages, preferably without sugar. Sugar cancels the electrical potential of electrolytes…you know, the stuff that makes your heart tick.
During the summer times, especially if you’re 1) active or 2) fighting illness, take it twice a day per instructions.