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Energy medicine can be a term coined to described many different modalities of getting energy to shift around the body and sometimes inside the cells.  It really covers a vast array of potential gadgets, treatments and therapies used to heal.  So in this blog post, I’m going to attempt to talk about the ones that I have actually used and know about.  This is no way covers everything that is out there, but this gives one an idea of what the possibilities are.

Energy work is good to do when

1) someone is super sick,

2) someone cannot recovery fast enough (to their liking), and/or

3) someone who is open to the possibilities of the potential outcomes, no matter how wacky and weird it may be.

I’ve personally done quite a lot and the work done with actual practitioners are the treatments that can be super amazing or not so great. The outcome is really dependent on the person giving the treatment AND the receptiveness of the person getting the treatment.  Sometimes people really are so blocked in their negativity that there is no point in even doing a treatment, we can discuss this later on.



Acupuncture for Lyme

Well this is one treatment that is most common I think among those who are sick and “trying everything.”  Acupuncture has always been a good, LONG-TERM supportive treatment for everyone. I really don’t know too many people who don’t respond well. The downfall is getting stuck with needles. Some people don’t feel a thing and others are very sensitive to it. I’ve had blocked spots needle on and felt like I was getting electrocuted from the “unblocking.”  It seems that I’m more sensitive during hormonal changes, like most women are.  We have something in Colorado (check your area) called community acupuncture. It’s a deal ($25 dollars a visit). You sit with others in the same room and you don’t get private treatment, but then again, nobody really cares about listening in on what’s ailing you. Most people are actually sleeping! Acupuncture is an actual ENERGY treatment that works on opening up energy lines that are blocked. It’s an ancient practice that is still used today, because it WORKS.  Don’t expect miracles.  The really figure out if it’s working, you must go quite often and be on schedule (like once a week for example, for 10 weeks).



A good massage can really open up lymphatics. Even though it’s not considered an energy treatment, I think it really is.  It’s physical manipulation of muscle, but you are basically moving energy around when you get a massage…even if you’re not aware of it.  I love a good massage.  I think the benefits can be felt really quite quickly and for those who have lymph issues (which is EVERYONE who is sick), then I would find someone who can work some magic with their hands.  If you aren’t wowed by the first visit, you won’t be wowed by the second, so find someone who WOWS you.



This is one of my favorite gadgets for sure. The reason why I like it is because it doesn’t matter what you have and it doesn’t matter if you cannot operate it, because it’s a click of the button. Cells that are damaged or sick, have electrons that SPIN the opposite direction of healthy ones. The MWO forces these electrons from sick cells to spin in the direction of a healthy cell.  Even though it’s for 15 minutes, your body gets the message. Healing can start.  Healing is forced to happen.  What I don’t like about the machine is that I’m scared of lightening and scared of loud sounds. I’m highly sensitive to noise (I’m a mesophonic.) and to my surroundings.   The MWO crackles and snaps and hisses.  It makes sounds.  You can control the intensity that brings the sound up and down.  You can also use the machine to do spot treatments with a metal pole (just touch the rings with one side of the pole and arch it into any body part).   MWO treatmentI’m not supposed to say things like this, but my blog is very matter of fact and personal, but yeah I cured my cat’s cancer with it (30 days straight with him in a carrier right between the arrays). He didn’t mind and in fact it really makes him perky once he gets a treatment, otherwise he’s real lethargic (not because he’s a cat, but because he’s ancient).   The vet wanted to take his leg because of an aggressive tumor growing from the bone. I had her cut it out instead without clean margins (it was impossible) and then I ZAPPED him for 30 days straight. It never came back.  Once you have the unit set up, you can just sit in front of it for 15 minutes each day. That’s it.  NIKOLA TESLA AND LAHOSKY co-created this. Enough said.  To read more about MWO, you can go here.



I have one, so I have to talk about it.  Ondamed uses magnetic pulse frequencies to stimulate certain points on the body. These points are somewhat like that of acupuncture, but I think it also does a a healing number on the energy that surrounds a person, just by having the arrays in your field.  I like how you can go through the therapies by testing pulse (because I’m really good at it since I’m a sensitive type), but again practitioners who aren’t so sensitive, may not be very good at pinpointing problems.  You don’t get any fancy print out that states your problems, but you get a good treatment. Some people are way more receptive to how it heals them, then others. It’s one of those things you need to commit to doing 10+ treatments. Some people will have positive things happening immediately.   This is a good supportive therapy.

**With that said, there are OTHER devices using magnetic pulse frequencies, some that are just set on ONE pulse (like mats).



I had a reiki treatment once that BLEW MY MIND. I was a professional track athlete at that time and I kid you not, this girl was using stones, and movement and tapping and massage…and smoke of some sort. I walked out like I had just rested for an entire week.  Unfortunately, the other treatments I had in other places, at other times, left more to be desired. REIKI is pretty ancient also in my aspects.  The power of touch is REAL.  If you can find a stellar practitioner, give it a go. You will know immediately if it’s right for you.



Lymphatic Drainage MASTER device

This device does some pretty amazing things to the lymphatics. The principle healing aspect is focused on lymphatics and the watersheds behind them….you unblock the major one (solar plexus area) and you move out to each limb, creating a cascade effects where everything can just OPEN UP like it’s suppose to. LBG treatments are AWESOME. It uses photons of light as well as frequency to open up those lymph nodes with the arrays are placed directly on top of the skin in certain areas. Some machines have OZONE coupled with them for a FAR OUT treatment. I speak highly of this ONE and I mean it.  I’ve done some major healing with clients using and LBG.  Read more about the LBG on my post here.



Two more therapies I’m not talking about so much is RIFE and PHOTONGENIE, two other fun gadgets.  The Photongenie is a lot like the LBG in some ways.  It uses photons of light (and frequency), coupled together to really improve a person’s RESONANCE and that effects ones immunity big time.   I hardly ever mention RIFE because I’m not really into the ridiculous guesswork of trying to figure out what you have and then finding the corresponding code and just zapping away needlessly.  Some people my have had luck with it, I haven’t met anyone that I know of…but HEY, if you have, comment below on it.


A few things to remember is managing EXPECTATIONS.  You usually need a series of treatments/therapies to really get you moving in the right direction. I would set intentions before doing any treatments to maximize what you get out of them.


Sad, Depressed, Negative, or just BLAH……



I would also REMEMBER that if you have a lot of negativity in your life, you may want to first do emotional release work with REIKI, coupled with using a therapist or doing things like Donna Eden work (or tapping), just because emotional states that are filled with negativity are actually filled with FREQUENCY that is counterproductive.

It makes you sick…quite literally.  It’s hard to stay balanced emotionally, while you’re sick.  REALLY HARD!  You’re preaching to the choir here, but the point is to lighten your load where you can.  It helps you recover faster.  You don’t have to be perky like Carol Brady (from the Brady Bunch), you just have to shed the chaos that is sometimes emotionally charged.  If you are getting over past trauma, some of the treatments above coupled with emotional release therapy can be very helpful!  So be patient and keep moving forward!

Donna Eden is a great resource and many of her videos are available online.

To check our some of her videos and what she offers, go here- Why Treatment Can Sometimes Be Free

So if you’re super stressed, in a bad relationship, etc., I would work on resolving some issues first, so you can open yourself up for the other types of energy that you can receive.

For more information about this kind of work check out the following information, it’s GOOD.

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Maybe you’ve played around with something you LOVE or maybe you just want to fuss at me, LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW.

Please share something of value, in any case.  Thank you!