If you have an illness, a pain or blocked fulfillment in an area of your body or your life, chances are that there is an emotional component inhibiting full healing and success!

Our bodies are an amazing reservoir of emotion, patterns, beliefs, stories and energy. When there is excess or deficient energy, we can step in and create balance, peace and greater vitality! HOW?

The mind loves a logical reason for a problem. We can often argue that there is a physical cause for our pain or problem…an accident, genetics, allergies, a tick bite, posture etc. However, 

when undertaking a healing crisis, we must address the issue from all planes:  mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic.

I had been a psych nurse and was without enthusiasm for my life.

I just felt tired, exhausted and didn’t really have a clue about what could be causing my lack of vitality. I was unable to work and many days eating or showering took more energy than I had to spend, I began a journey of healing, largely self-directed. I read, prayed, got IV vitamin C, found a great doctor and explored inner terrains until I recovered my health and Self. I recovered from chronic fatigue in the early 80’s using many of the tools that I discuss here.

An old seemingly unrelated issue can be a major part of what is keeping an illness or injury in place. It seems natural for people’s minds to want to tell the story of what happened TO them. Neglect, loss, unfair treatment of all types abound.

Healing happens when we can be present to what our response was to the thing that happened TO us.
 At the time of the insult, we may have been too young, too shocked or scared to process the emotion and sensations that arose. The unprocessed trauma’s energy is buried in the body. Later, we go back in a different brain frequency, revisit the relationship, incident or issue and now that we are more resourced (older, wiser with new tools), we can be present and let the response arise, heal and shift. Because the client is in a different brainwave, we are not re-traumatizing, we are releasing.

There are many excellent ways to release excess energy. The mind is critical and rejects most of them initially. We can use awareness, Presence, prayer, dialog, a cold laser, tapping or magnets. These methods are effective for distance healing as well. Calling the energy into awareness activates it in the body and makes it accessible. Some of my training includes Gendlin’s Focusing, The Sedona Method, Alaya Chickly’s Heart Centered Therapy, EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, Diamond Heart work,Voice Dialogue (dialoguing with body and younger parts), Upledger’s Somato-emotional Release, Soul Memory Discovery, Spiritual Response Therapy and Body Codes.

As an intuitive, I often see and feel what is buried in the body and assist a client to release and transform the stuck energy.
 I can also use charts from one of the above systems to make naming the primary causes easier to find.

When Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) arrived on the scene, my mind said, “It can’t be that easy!” Well, it is and I often use EFT to move energy! These courses and more and lots of personal work have lead me to a profound way of being Present and Listening to the body and energy fields. I was taught NOT to lead and know or DO but to BE and LISTEN with compassion and curiosity. The results have been profound, magical and miraculous!

First, a client needs to feel safe with feeling.

The good news is, there are only four emotional states that get stuck and cause problems. When we can tolerate feeling apathy (hopelessness, powerlessness), grief, fear and anger (frustration), we are ready to explore the terrain of what the body carries.

Second, we find out if the client is a body (kinesthetic) or visual processer.

Some clients are easily in touch with their bodies and sensations. Tracking physical sensation can be enough to heal and transform trauma. If a client is more visually oriented we adapt the process. We take the pain in the body part and Be present to it. Or we use the presenting issue and drop deeper, finding the feelings and being present. We can rate the intensity of the emotion or truth of the belief here on a scale of 1-10. EFT, EMDR or magnet sweeping can be added during this process. Then we re-measure to check our progress.

As we (the client and therapist) are Present to the feeling and sensations they begin to change or more information arises…and our process unfolds. When we identify an emotion and stay present, it will dissolve or there is a something holding it in place. That something could be a belief, resentment or an energetic disturbance. Shifting a belief takes a willingness to see things differently or to entertain new possibilities. Our unconscious beliefs become conscious and we can reexamine and change our position and perceptions.

Third, we reassess the intensity of the feeling, energy or belief.

We want to really clear the body of the emotion, energy, belief and resonance that has been held. When energy has been cleared there will be a feeling of being lighter, new insight and or spaciousness. Emotionally Being Present to ourselves inwardly is the only action necessary to complete the healing process. Then asking for Spiritual Grace to come when we open to the healing process and Voila, Magic!

There can be other contributing factors to health and energy issues. Sometimes there is spiritual foul play, sheers, downward spirals, energy cording, a lowered electromagnetic field, nutritional imbalance, allergies, heart walls, problematic inherited family lineage energies or disconnections.

People ask about my Spiritual orientation. I was raised Catholic and am comfortable with praying to Jesus and Angels. Connecting to some form of Higher support is helpful.

I work with any faith or belief.
 Many people have been wounded by a religion, church or organization. Having Faith and feeling connected to support can be very helpful. Blessings on your healing journey!


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