As Man Thinketh…..Does He Really Doeth? 

Perhaps one of THE hardest lessons in a recovery from a devastating illness is that of learning mental fortitude and just focusing on the HAVES and not the HAVE NOTS.  It’s really easy to get down about your situation and even harder to see yourself in the future as a healthy, thriving person.

When things get REALLY bad, how do you cope?  How you cope and how you think probably is the biggest key factor to a recovery.  And you may have heard this before, but described differently. Perhaps you didn’t give it the attention it needs; but in any case, I wanted to share with you before the weekend something to REALLY ponder!
Lyme diseaseAll my grandparents are officially deceased.  My grandfather, Dr. William Perry (whom I was named after), died over 5 years ago. He was a family doctor, but had to do everything in Chester County, SC…delivery almost all of the babies in that county for many years (and doing house calls). There are a lot of “Perrys” in Chester County, of no relation.  Old-school. 

In those last years I basically kept him alive and living well with supplements!  He had a basal carcinoma the size of walnut on the top of his head, that at 97, surgery was not an option.

I kept “killing” it with the exact same aloe concentrate that is on The Tick Slayer website (just by topical application). I kept him boosted and learned a lot about keeping old folks alive. He finally passed at 101 years of age, on his own terms, in his own bed!

What you need to know about Dr. Perry is that he had Hepatitis C from an infected needle, a quadruple bypass, and around the age of 80 beat Lymphoma (that was in some 60% of his lymph nodes)!

When he was 90, he was still painting fences in 100 degree heat.  If you ever asked him how he was doing (even while he was sick), he’d say,  “I’ve never felt better.”   Now, can you imagine saying that?

My family members had the arduous task of cleaning up the house and dividing the estate. My mother asked me what I wanted.  Books, medical journals, his old medical bag and the portraits (all treasures). They are now in Colorado, where I just went through one of his favorite quote books and found a highlighted passage, that apparently he marked.
If you do anything for yourself today, make it this!  
 Read the passage from the ” Leaves of Gold”
lyme disease 3

Having positive thoughts are key, but perhaps even more of a key, is NOT believing you’re weak….it seems that nothing is more damaging to a person’s recovery, then just the belief someone holds about their own capabilities to heal.

From my experience with working with different types of clients, I have to agree with this. I can tell whether a person is really going to recover from the first conversation.The Tick Slayer, was not written just to illustrate what I did to recover, but to illustrate the actual struggle to find the desire to keep going and to make a full recovery happen…by conviction (not matter how hard it was to keep).  And while I feel somewhat bad about not being a physician, because of my obvious talent for healing people, I do feel great joy in the work that I do getting people well.  I’m working on projects (right now) that could cure people of serious aliments, so my focus really is on the development of products that can do wondrous things…and getting the message out about all of the things I’ve learned about healing.   

Make this weekend, your weekend to decide on where you’re going!

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Guess who else is Dr. William Perry? My great-grandfather, seen here with his stethoscope. He was also a senator in the 1920s.