CFS…is really infectious disease? What the political story is on CFS.

Dear Tick Slayer,

Allied NATO Government is hiding millions of infectious NON HIV AIDS cases (like mine) under the “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)” ICD-code.

Dr. Lorraine Day on Cptn. Joyce Riley’s military show THE POWER HOUR (09/12): “…HIV-Negative AIDS cases falsely reported and treated as CFS cases may be one of the biggest cover-ups we’ve ever seen…”

– In 1992 (i.e., after Gulf War 1) “…Newsweek made an even more shocking announcement: …CFS patients who had the same immune system deficiencies as the NON-HIV AIDS cases…”


– Dr. Judy Mikovits stated on In Short Order (11/12) about CFS & Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME): “…consider this as NON HIV AIDS.”

– Neenyah Ostrom’s book “America’s Biggest Cover-up: 50 More Things…CFS & Its Link To AIDS” cites: “Some CFS Patients May Be Non-HIV AIDS.

My NON HIV AIDS case goes up through the NIH, CDC, White House, WHO, to the UN. I have testified federally in Washington, DC; sat on conference call with the American Red Cross; and am published 35 times on 4 continents (including RealNews24, Best Gay News, ProHealth, PFLAG-Canada, Mathaba-Africa, Fuse Australia, LA Progressive, UK Progressive, & Black Men’s Magazines).

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13+ years of perfectly-cited research (books, documentaries, interviews w/ scientists, medical journal citations, etc.) including my federal testimony –>

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