Bone Broth to Fight Lyme Disease

Bone Broth to Fight Lyme Disease

Bone broth is the old-fashioned remedy that treats symptoms of autoimmune disorders, infectious diseases, digestive problems and chronic ailments.

I was passed a fascinating book ALL about bone broth by a friend several weeks ago. I’ve know about using cooked veggie soups and broths as a means to heal the gut and provide energy when the digestive system of an individual is too weak for anything else, but this book called, “Nourishing Broth” by Sally Morell was an eye opener.

While other chapters discuss the use of bone broth providing collagen and cartilage, important for people who have arthritic symptoms and/or joint problems, I’m going to concentrate on the chapter about infectious disease (of course).

Morell brings up the “old wives’ tale” of how chicken soup heals, there is some scientific validation.

  • Chicken soup, considered a bone broth-type soup, has a real anti-inflammatory effect and even inhibit neutrophil mobility (these are part of the immune system and envelop bacteria through phagocytosis so you want them actively MOVING).
  • Bone broths boost, balance and modulate the immune system. They also provide amino acids like carnosine and glutamine (which is the third most common amino acid in broth which heals the gut).
  • Broken down from antibiotics? Besides the healing powers of glutamine in bone broth, the cartilage that is provided by bone broths, stimulates the immune system but also calms it down. It can be useful for autoimmune disease like Crohn’s, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma.
  • Cartilage doesn’t kill viruses directly, but stimulates the immune system. Dr.John Prudden is quoted calling it “ a potent normalizer.”  Dr. Arthur Johnson calls it “a true biological response modifier.” It increases white blood cells to destroy bacteria and viruses.  Some white blood cells are called macrophages and these are the “eaters” of fungi, bacteria, viruses and other foreign microbes (AND THEIR TOXINS).

While I realize it’s summer, there are benefits to consuming bone broth, all year around. Hot soups, raise the body temperature and while it’s temporary and artificial, it can be a form of heat healing (or hyperthermia). 

Bone broth is EASY to make, just cook down your bones. You can actually reuse bones 3-4 times to make broths and these broths can even be used to make rice with. …even downing soup is too hard during the summer!