Healing with Heat – It’s A Wonderful Thing!

So without further ado, let’s talk about heat. I didn’t talk about the bio-mat in the book. Instead, I spoke about my hot car sauna, using infrared heat inventively and instinctively. So, I’m here to talk about the use of one of the greatest health gadgets known to man…..seriously, I do believe so.

The heat at your gym sauna is not infrared heat, although it does a pretty good job raising your core body temperature and getting you to detox via sweat.

The difference in using a device like a biomat (well, let’s just talk exclusively about it because the truth is there is no another type of infrared mat on the market that’s quite like it), is infrared heat and the ability to penetrate your core with this type of heat. The results of using a mat are astounding.

During the winter time I’m usually wrestling with my pets for a position on the coveted mat, but year round treatment is your best bet to using it as a cornerstone of your recovery.

I use it these days, mostly for just general well-being. But I also use it to reduce soreness from training. If I go about the protocol to induce hyperthermia using the mat (usually 30 minutes on my stomach and 30 minutes on my back on the highest heat setting), I can walk away with a reduction of soreness (even from the hardest day of running or weights) by about 75-90%. This is a huge percentage. It can do this with the use of infrared heat and this type of heat can make your body DETOX.

*I have the biomat professional (seen above), the white cotton cover is used to catch sweat and comes with the mat.

….”I have HERX all the time from everything I do and take,” you say….

If you don’t think detoxing is that important and you are one of these people who are just so focused on bacteria, you’re missing the BIG PICTURE in how you actually recovery from illness. People who say they have a huge reaction to some type of antimicrobial, may be reacting to the antimicrobial(or drug) OR they can’t detox the substance they are taking OR they can’t detox what they are killing off. However more than likely, you just aren’t detoxing well enough.

I could take 2 TBS of SOLE (see sole here) and if I weren’t detoxing so well these days, I would even feel negative effects from taking a few tablespoons of salt water! Even me, who is so healthy!

Now there is in depth information about the biomat here, but let me just go over a few things on why it’s so important.

I do believe that a source of infrared heat should be used in everyone’s recovery plan. Yes, you can use an infrared sauna. Yet I PERSONALLY feel, after using both the biomat and infrared sauna, that the mat is something that most people would use more often. If you aren’t going to use something, why have it? The ability to evenly heat the body is paramount and there is something very healing with the energetic effects of relaxing on pounds upon pounds of crystals like amethyst.

The biomat comes with an interesting little book, you can get it FREE here. I URGE you to read it here if you are undecided about whether or not you need something like this. Even if you didn’t have Lyme, I would say it’s something that everyone who wants to stay away from the doctor’s office, should invest in.

Let me hit the hot spots of the book. I’m trusting you to actually read it very soon, if not right now.

•When the body is decreased by 1 degree in temperature, 36% of immune function declines, 12% of basic metabolism declines, 50% of enzyme activities decline.

•When you use infrared heat you can increase your body enzyme activation (over 3,000 types) and you get the phenomena called HSP (Protein activation), Bacteria/cancer/viruses are heat liable (meaning they die naturally).

•People can feel 100% improvement in their autonomic nervous system…on DAY ONE!

•I’ll let the book say the word “cure.” But they detail case after case of different cancers being “cured,” with a protocol which includes diet (getting more ENZYMES in), treating gut integrity issues, and making their hot crystal therapy an integral part of the protocol…..even people with stage 4 and 5 cancers. Whoa!

•3,000 to 6,000 cancer cells are created in healthy people EACH DAY! But our immune systems are what inhibit the growth of these cells which why healthy living is so important, even in post disease people, like me.
HSP, Heat Shock Proteins, are created and these activate lymphocytes called Natural Killers Cells and promote anti-cancer interferons to strengthen the body’s immune system. These proteins protect our body from stress and repair damaged cells.

Now obviously, the book is about treating cancer with hyperthermia, but any disease (even Lyme disease), is created under similar conditions. Like I’ve said before Lyme is just a disease of opportunity. It’s not just about the tick bite! You have to have the internal terrain for things to go downhill.

Some basic improvements while using a biomat, for example; are higher metabolism, healthier cells, detoxing via sweat, pain alleviation (sometimes for many people, in a HUGE way), prevents aging, immune system activated and improvement, and blood flow improved.

But I’m going on and on. I’ll let you know the rest here, you can get the free ebook here and start reading it. It’s great information.

If you want to get more of the scoop on using it with my full Lyme approach, see The Tick Slayer Plan here. And happy HEAT healing to you!

View All The Information You Need on Biomats Here.

If you have questions about which biomat is right for you, including best prices and “the scoop.” You can call to speak to a knowledgeable mat using person here: 864-200-2091 or you can email


WORD OF CAUTION BEFORE ORDERING–   The matter of the fact here is that while this mat is AWESOME and the product is no doubt amazing, the company behind the mat has really awful customer service.  If you need service you might have problems. Getting the mat through us means having someone go to bat for you and that’s a big deal when you’re talking about something that isn’t cheap.   We always take care of our Lyme folks well and always throw in surprises!



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