I get a lot of questions on how to take certain types of supplements and products.  

Generally speaking, “getting it in” is better than not taking anything at all, in most cases.  There are better ways to take specific supplements to help you maximize your success with that particular product.

I find that most people don’t take something long enough.  If you had, the onset of Type 2 Diabetes, you would want to cleanse your blood sugar with diet and supplementation for 6 months.  Some could do as little as 3 months, but if you really wanted to heal from a blood sugar issue, you’d go as far as 6 months with a plan.

That’s just an example.   It’s true that everyone is a bit different and your lifestyle, daily health choices and even other supplements you take for OTHER health issues, all come into play.

The other big thing to recognize, besides the TIME factor is the MINERAL/VITAMIN issue.  I believe most disease is associated with the lack of basic nutrients and when you get sick with Lyme or any type of infection (or put any huge strain on your body), there is real risk of depletion.   Going back to the blood sugar issue above, chromium, zinc, molybendum, vandium are just some of the minerals usually depleted in those people who have blood sugar issues.  So besides taking an herbal for “cleansing” you’d want to make sure you took specific MINERALS as part of the approach.

Just because these next questions or fresh in my head, I’ll do some best tips and suggestions for those who are dealing with autoimmune problems.


Many people focus on the liver (and while that’s true), I have found that the kidney are always burdened when it comes to Lyme cases.  And unfortunately, for the amount of hard work they have to do daily IN A HEALTHY PERSON, one can only imagine the real intensity of the problem when you’re dealing with processing drugs and die-off.   YOU MUST DRINK LOTS OF HIGH QUALITY WATER and you must supplement to support the work they are doing.  The better your body FILTERS, the better you FEEL.   I recently found out that my tap water has a 5.3 pH, well below EPA standards.  I recently started drinking spring water that comes out of the ground right up the road and my nightly back pains are gone.  If you have LOW back pain, chronically it’s either muscle weakness, spinal sublaxations or you’ve got a kidney issue!  Get your water issue right and take something like KidneyChi and KidneyCare, if it’s bad…take BOTH.  I cannot stress it enough.  

Best Directions- Take 2-3 capsules of each on an empty stomach RIGHT before meals OR with the same items you use to KILL Lyme with (herbals and oils). 


Kidney Care



Most people really need it, whether they are sick or not. If you’re sick, you REALLY need it. We just don’t get any iodine from the foods we eat, UNLESS you eat KELP daily. I don’t know anyone who does.  No wonder thyroid issues are RAMPANT, it’s the major essential nutrient of the THYROID.   Some people take a few drops in the morning and GO WOW, I am getting some energy back. If you have LOW energy in the morning, a few drops of iodine can go a LONG WAY.  If your thyroid is a bigger problem, iodine may not be enough. In any case, you would want to take iodine with thyroid supps like MBI THYROID GLANDULAR and ULTRA THYROID

Iodine is also one of the BEST antimicrobial you can get.  Put a few drops on spirochetes in a petri dish, and you’ll kill them on contact, much like a parasite.   Lugol’s and Iodoral are not my favorite. I like Iodoral better than Lugol’s, but Nascent (also called ATOMIC) iodine is the BEST.  It’s not syrupy, it’s as strong and quick like alcohol!  You can also use this kind to do a skin patch test. Basically, if your levels are good, you can put a drop of this on your skin and wear it all day for 12-24 hrs, without it washing off. Anything less than 12 is not ideal.  Good to keep handy!

Best Directions- Take 2-5 drops each morning either under the tongue or in a glass of water. Take MBI Glandular (Yes, this is somewhat of a replacement for those who are on Armour) and Ultra Thyroid 2-3 capsules of each in the morning, FIRST THING. 

MBI Thyroid Glandular

Ultra Thyroid Nutriment

Thyroid Bundle

Nascent Iodine


Digestive enzymes are actually proteolytic in nature if they are taken on an empty stomach, but most are taken with food.  If you get a true proteolytic enzyme, then you take it on an empty stomach ALWAYS. This way you are dealing with the blood directly, in most cases.  I read something recently about how Lyme travels and it’s all through the blood.  So cleaning fibrin and busting biofilms is SO very important.  If you have infection, you need to take them.  We have Serrapeptase, Power Enzymes and Respond on the website.  I’m also working on this Panacea Project enzyme,you can read about it here. It’s going to be absolutely phenomenal (like clinical trial phenomenal) once it’s been developed to the level we think we can take it.

Best directions- Take 2-3 capsules, THREE times a day, on an empty stomach WITH water or APPLE CIDER VINEGAR.  You can take it the same time you take your herbs and oils to kill Lyme, or your ABX.  Just ask your doc about it if you’re on ABX.  More than likely, it will make what you’re taking assimilate faster, so you could get sick from a “regular” dose of antibiotics. 

Serrapeptase 40,000

Respond Proteolytic Enzymes

Power Enzymes



One of the most helpful things to take when you’re sick, making the digestive system super alkaline from esophagus to anus. It traps endotoxins and exotoxins either using magnetic pull ( 3 Blend Clay) or with a caged like structure (Pure Zeolite).  I love these products.  LOVE.  If you’re taking something like this because you’re mopping up metals or dealing with intense die-off, I found that using this kind of things before bed can really help settle the stomach and help a person sleep.  Since you are taking a break while you sleep, your body IS NOT. So many Lyme people will wake up with stiff necks (oral pathology usually and/or Lyme infection in the lymp nodes in the back of the head) OR they wake up feeling TOXIC.  This is because the lymph glands were sedentary during your sleep and you probably did some killing in your sleep.  So the act of taking clay and zeolite before bed can really help you move through your recovery faster, by clearing the path.

Best directions- Take 1-2 tsp of EACH, in 10 oz of water before bed. Yes, you may have to urinate at night, but it’s better to keep urinating THAN NOT drinking enough water.  You can also take this first thing in the morning if you’re waking up feeling sick. I’d try before bed first and then do before bed and each morning next.

Micronized Energized PURE Zeolite

Detox Bundle


Internal Nutritive Clay Detox