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Achy joints?   Inflammation?   Don’t mind taking hot baths?

Bath Detox

I’ve been meaning to do this for a few months. BATHDETOX is something I’ve been using with clients for about 3 years now and we’ve added it to The Tick Slayer finally.  BATHDETOX comes in handy for those who are tired of oral chelation, don’t mind taking baths or foot soaks and who feel extremely toxic either due to drugs or die-off.  It’s also helpful to use if you are on any kind of metal removal protocol and it’s VERY simple to do. It’s safe and quite effective.

I also find it helpful for those who are already doing some oral toxin removal, but need an added measure to get one close to success.   I would weave them into your current detoxing protocols, trying to get at least 2 baths in each week.  It’s highly therapeutic.

You can read here the report for the mechanism for waste removal, how the herbs work, other conditions it’s good for like EDEMA and some case studies.

It’s a short two pages. Check it out!

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We also carry Asparagus Extract mentioned in this report here.

Happy Toxin Removal!