Are You Getting Enough?

…turns out, you probably aren’t.

basic minimum requirements vitamins

I just came back from Expo West. The organic foods and supplements are getting bigger and bigger….and rightfully so!   The growth of organic retail last year was at 15%, while regular grocery store growth was around 7%.  Companies like Pepsi, General Mills, and even Walmart, bring in buyers who are either looking for healthy foods to acquire or buy the brands behind the products.

I try to go to Expo West each year to get industry news mostly and go to their series of educational classes. Many classes are purely about supplements and raw ingredients.

This year I had the privilege to go to a talk from Dr. Low Dog. She has an outstanding book out devoted to supplements (you can go here to check it out).  She is a real treasure.

What it reminded me of, is what I’m getting ready to remind you of….it all revolves around the fact that while many doctors love to throw prescription around, getting back to meeting basic nutrient requirements IS THE KEY TO HEALTH.

I sometimes get people angry that I write so much about supplements, but I really don’t think people understand HOW incredibly important it is to key the right basic nutrients. Everyone thinks they do and virtually no one actually does!

Here are some of the facts that you need to pay attention too

The CDC has finally admitted to what lots of us have already known-
“Less than optimal vitamin and nutrient levels have been associated with myriad health risks, including cardiovascular disease, stroke, impaired cognitive function, cancer, eye diseases and weakened bones.”

You can read their full statement here.

The reason this is good news is that after researching what people eat and figuring out how deficient people are, especially minorities, they are more likely to be on board with legislature that helps people get SUPPLEMENTS and perhaps, even farming practices that produce healthier crops and getting programs in place to help people who have no where to shop other than the Dollar Store, in their community.

What you need to know

I realize that a LOT of you have a cabinet full, but let’s talk quickly about some of the points on BASIC vitamin and mineral levels that MANY people are not getting and what really happens to your body when you don’t have the minimum requirements.

With the term ‘minimum requirement’, please understand that if you are sick, stressed or have an autoimmune and/or infectious disease battle going on, you’re going to need a heck of lot more.  Your minimum requirement may be very different depending on how you synthesize your own vitamins and/or lack of ability to synthesize or absorb nutrients.

When you know how big of a  problem it is, it’s curious that there aren’t a group of doctors out there soley focused on just helping people achieve this balance!

I hate to tell people this (only because people usually think it’s herbs, drugs or oils that kill Lyme), but I believe it’s THE MOST important thing one can do to correct Lyme disease.

Do you have a genetic polymorphism?

20-40% of all people do.

But what else is a problem when it comes to getting your minimum requirements in?
-Do you take medication?
-Do you take ANY drugs that are prescribed?
-Are you a vegan or on a gluten-free diet?
If you said yes to any of these, then there is added concern. So not only are you sick and need higher requirements, but you are also adding other variables that impact you most negatively when it comes to getting those requirements.Here’s some interesting facts-NASIDS interfere with your metabolism. If you’re taking NASIDS and are on a birth control, it interferes in A BIG WAY.The daily minimum requirement for B6, which is needed for your metabolism to work, is 1.5 mg.How do you get 1.5 mg with food?  It takes 15 cups of milk or 3.5 avocados or 2.5 bananas.  If you had to eat like that to get all of your requirements, that’s a ton of eating.  And who eats like this?  This makes the case that people who are fanatics about their diets, still probably don’t get the minimum requirements.

What about B12?

I don’t know the number of people in this country on Metformin ( a diabetes drug), but it depletes B12 terribly.
B12 can make you feel sane when you have it and insane when your levels are low.Couple that with the number of people on protein pump inhibitors that destroy the stomachs ability to produce acid (HCL), which is needed to get nutrients out of your food and to process it.  The cascading effect is neurotransmitters not being produce. HCL is needed for tryptophan, Tryptophan turns to 5 HTP, 5 HTP is needed for seretonin and for melatonin.If you don’t have any of those, you are probably falling into the anti-depressant category (people who get on anti- depressants).  But those neurotransmitters do a LOT more than just keep us sane, they actually can help heal us from disease.

The case for Choline


It takes 4 eggs daily to get the minimum requirement for Choline. Do you know anyone who eats 4 eggs daily?  Many people believe that the yolk is the bad part. An egg without the yolk is WORTHLESS, that’s where the nutrients are.

95% of pregnant woman are low in choline and yet it’s one of the nutrients that determines a baby’s intelligence, mood and memory and protects them from growing into a person with schizophrenia. 

The problem here is multi-generational because kids are being born impaired. When they do, they cannot catch up.  This effects many generations.

My great-aunt (now deceased) gave birth to my third cousin who scored 1600 on her SAT.  She was crazy smart and just plan crazy (schizophrenia). She used drugs to cope (like METH and heroin) and then gave birth to my second cousins who are my age.  Both kids are extremely smart, but the female one has had mental issuesIn fact, there are quite a few mentally ill family members stemming from my great-aunt, which leads me to believe that she had serious nutrition issues and unfortunately, it’s affected a LOT of people now.

What about Iron?

If you have adequate levels of IRON, you don’t have a problem with LEAD, because they compete and lead usually loses.   Lead is also a mutli-generational issue as pregnant woman give their nutrition and chemical problems to their babies.  Many children who have ADHD have low ferritin scores.How do you get iron?  10 oz beef liver, 4 cups of raisins, 15 cups of broccoli, etc. Who has eats like this? No one I know!

**When men have high levels of iron a lot of time they are consuming breakfast cereals that are fortified. The only want to get rid of high iron is to let some blood out (give blood). So men and women can be very different in regards to this nutrient.  Most men who have high iron, should NOT eat fortified breakfast cereal.

Vit D

It takes 26 cans of oil packed sardines to get your daily minimum requirement for this nutrient.   Many older people who have arthritis just aren’t getting enough D. It’s not calcium that you need, it’s D…and K2 that helps you metabolism D and calcium properly.

That’s all I wanted to say there.

The Push Against Salt

Remember all of the negative heart health campaigns against salt?  Let me just say most people who Lyme disease have low levels of sodium. Salt will kill just about anything, so that’s part of the problem for many. The other part is that all of the processed foods that people eat has salt that has no iodine.  We are talking about millions of people who have low iodine. So there are hypothyroid issues everywhere. This is the only nutrient that protects you from radiation.  We get super radiated when we fly or sunbathe.  150mcg is the daily value.

Women who are pregnant who have low/no iodine will have children who have brain problems. That’s the meat of it.

So my questions to you , are these….


1) When was the last time you had your nutrient tests checked by you doctor?

2) Are you REALLY getting enough of your basic nutrients?

The chances are, you’re not.