What Makes a Good Lyme Plan?

Hey Friend!I wanted to discuss the reasons behind the LymeRecover Infection Plan. I like to educate my clients as much as possible, so an explanation is needed with this plan. If anything, you can use my knowledge to shape your current plan.

Lyme is insidious. It’s intelligent.  It morphs.

It can also be turned into a “super bug,” which is the term to describe infection that antibiotics cannot cure/treat. For example, staph infection is deadly because there areplenty of “mutated” forms of it.  The reason behind the different forms is because it’s not only a common infection (mostly contracted in hospitals), but it always gets treated with the same antibiotics and sometimes given long term.  Treatmentis not shotgun approached, it’s specific….but how specific can treatment REALLY be when dealing with intelligence that evolves as a way of protection!   So when some people contract super deadly strains of it, they can quite literally die in their sleep.

Lyme disease is also a bacteria that has very good skills at evading the immune system and morphing…evolving when it’s developed a defense to the drug that is suppose to kill it.

No matter what route you go, antibiotics of natural, understanding this plan, can help you plan your RECOVERY PLAN more effectively.Over the course of the next few newsletters, I will talk about planning according to meals, daily activity, best practices and any else I can think I should share about having a full recovery! I’ll start with the use of antimicrobial today!


My biggest concern for those who use drugs, is the fact that drugs are made based from an isolated chemical compound, usually found in nature, but then made syntheticallyand given in high doses.

In nature, plants have various chemical components that fight invaders and infection (some 200 or more in any given plant).  Isolating a compound and giving it in high doses, for extended periods of time, creates super bugs.   This process can literally create forms of Lyme that would scare EVEN ME….and I’m not scared of Lyme, even after my epic battle with it.

So I lean (VERY HEAVILY) towards intense use of oils and herbs, but mostly essential oils since they have all the chemical compounds of a plant, but in aSUPER CONCENTRATED FORM.  When you get into blends you are dealing with some heavy arsenal against ANY kind of organic infection.


Lyme Oil Bundle is AMAZING!

Lyme Oil Bundle-  I finally made this series after I realized something was missing in the Lyme arena. It is unbelievably effective in killing a myriad of infection, yeast, fungus, mold, bacteria, co infections, parasites, etc. It should be considered a FIRST route before I would entertain antibiotics. Why? Because it’s that effective!



Nascent Iodine Most people are INSANELY deficient in iodine, nature’s BEST antimicrobial. Iodine also protects us from radioactivity that’s constantly above.  Think Fukushima is over? It’s not.  It never has been over and plumes of radioactive material for years now have passed over the US…affecting you whether you know it or not. You best defense?  Iodine.

Luckily, this also energizes the thyroid gland and most Lyme clients of mine have mild to intense thyroid issues.  Which means if you’re reading this, you probably do also. And another huge bonus is that you can kill pretty much anything with iodine in a petri dish, including Lyme and co-infections. It’s a STAPLE of most people’s plans and if it’s not in yours, you need to reconsider what you’re doing to get well!


bamboo extract


Bamboo Extract– Bamboo is high in silica and becomes a huge alley when infection has been chronic. Silica is a trace mineral and the most important in the human body. There is literally NO LIFE without silica.  And having low silica in the body relates to all aging processes.  Bamboo extract has been studied mostly on healing respiratory conditions and clearing phlegm.  This product is not needed for everyone, so it depends on the health of your lungs and respiratory system, sometimes Lyme does become a problem for this organ.

*Another important thing is the quality. If I have a product made by Chi Enterprise, it’s because the quality is completely superior. 




KidneyChi- is one of the most excellent products for anything related to prostate, kidneys, urinary tract, and the detox of these organs. It also helps the urinary tract eliminate die-off and keeps kidneys healthy during that process.

Remember, you pee it out, poop it out, sweat it out or breath it out. When you bacterial infections, you will be peeing a lot. So you must drink lots of water and take KidneyChi.

Kidney and Urinary Tract care

Kidney and Urinary Tract care

Another alternative is my formula,Kidney Care.

What’s the difference?  I use Kidney Care with Kidney Chi, at the same timeIF there is a problem with labs that point to kidney problems OR if I know there has been past history with kidney issues and that the current plan has potential to generate a lot of die-off and is super aggressive.

KidneyChi has been studied on Lyme disease, so if it was just one or the other, I’d go with KidneyChi. When in doubt, go with both. They both offer something unique and special.


Cat's Claw

Cat’s Clawis a great bacterial killer, but it also treats the GI system for all kinds of problems, even helps heal the lining of the gut.  We all know that Lyme can be in the GI system and we all know that most chronically ill people have medium to severe gut issues.  Treating the gut, gets the rest of the body well…not to mention fights all of the blues associated with being sick, as neurotransmitters can be created in a healthy environment.

*There are two types of Cat’s Claw, one called “samento” and one called “uncaria tomentosa.”  The difference is the Samento is “TOA FREE.”   “TOA Free”  doesn’t mean it’s  better.  In fact, I prefer the ones with TOA, because of the alkaloids that are chemicals that help quell the inflammatory issues associated with Lyme.   Samento is the herb that most Lyme people use, but I believe it’s marketing is hyped up (not to mention expensive). Both versions have something very beneficial to offer!


Allimed Trio_72dpiAllimedfor people who have stubborn, deep infection, you can add in Allimed.  If you take it the same time you take Lyme oils or antibiotics, it just increases the potency.  So there is a word of caution there.

Allimed is a patented form of allicin that is WICKED potent. It does a job on Lyme disease, just by itself. Allimed has a problem with their trademark and unfortunately a lot of so-called Allimed on Amazon is fake and it looks exactly the same to the untrained eye! There is only one company allowed to sell it in the US, because the parent company is in England. If you get your Allimed on The Tick Slayer, it’s the real stuff.  You can buy anything with confidence on The Tick Slayer.

iionic-soleSole  / 3 Blend Salt Caps-  SALT kills bacteria like no other chemical, besides iodine. The problem is NACL caps can increase blood pressure and is a very bad form of salt for the body to have to digest.  You can have complications from taking 12 grams of salt, which is usually the level you scale up too, sometimes higher depending on body weight.  The Salt/C protocol does work…but it’s a balancing act.

The problem is people with long term infection, have OTHER issues, so it’s not my first choice on killing Lyme for my own clients; however,  a few do a LAST effort to get any remaining infection. It works great.  Sole is hard to measure out since it’s salt-water.  I created 3 Blend Salt caps, we are just waiting to have them encapsulated now.

See for yourself!

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