The Tick Slayer

The Tick SlayerThe Tick Slayer, is about US track athlete, Perry Fields’ journey back to competition from Lyme disease including multiple autoimmune diseases.  Her debilitating condition made her quit the sport that she had participated in since childhood, including missing the 2008 Olympic Trials.

The book is autobiographical recant of her amazing journey back, with medical details of the treatments and how she dealt with the health care system.  It will empower every reader, no matter their condition, although originally written for Lyme disease, many people with autoimmune disorders, including cancer, will find many nuggets of invaluable information on their current condition, in a story that is inspiring and motivating.

Includes resources, treatment options & experiences, as well as guest authors in the medical field explaining new technology that can save lives.

“For a long time I’ve had many people ask me about how I did it and know I can finally describe in detail what I did!  It should provide many answers to questions that people have about their own health, because what I’ve discovered is that many of these autoimmune diseases are very similar, they just have different names!”    -Perry Louis Fields, author


About the Author- Perry Louis Fields

She’s been a speaker at medical conferences, has created a line of products specifically for people with compromised immune systems, designed a free health app and is often imitated in the Lyme community.

Perry was bitten by an infected tick in the mountains of North Carolina in 2003.  She has been a long time track and field athlete, competing at the highest levels in high school, collegiate and post-collegiate.

In 2005, she was forced to stop racing and training and seek medical help soon after the 2005 USA Track and Field championships, where she became very ill during her race.  Within a few months, her health continued to decline.  After a short stent on conventional treatment, not seeing improvement and worried that her health would continue to decline, she began researching and treating herself with alternative treatments.  The process of successfully experimenting on herself, trusting her own instincts and forging forward, was the catalyst for her book, The Tick Slayer.

Because of her success in recovering from Lyme disease, as well as Chronic Fatigue and Epstein Bar Virus (health problems that began in college), as well as co-infections from tick bite(s), her sentiments toward the ongoing autoimmune health crisis for many people in the US and world wide, was to write a “how to” on recovering from devastating diseases.  The Tick Slayer is a book for anyone who finds themselves devastated by chronic illness and health care.

By 2009, Perry was training again and by 2010 she raced her first indoor track season since 2001, where she made her debut at the USA Track and Field Indoor Nationals.